What are Bon Beads?

Bon Beads are hand-crafted, high quality, unique bracelets, necklaces, and keychains in a wide variety of colors and styles. Bon Beads are made from ‘upcycled’ cereal boxes - thrown away, discarded.

Our Story.

Bon Beads are made by hand by our young Haiti artisans in the (Hearts and Hands for Haiti's Children's) home to enable sustainable income. They are a work of beauty, ... unique, ... perfect and imperfect ‘bon’ and ‘pa bon’, ... becoming art in the process. They are a story reminding us of what God can do with our lives.
~Pat McInnes, Wake Forest, NC

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The Haitian children making Bon Beads grew up at Hearts and Hands for Haiti's Children's Home. Each Haitian artisan has a business plan so that their earnings will provide for supplies, necessities, and savings. Every Bon Beads item in this store gives 100% of the wholesale price to Haitian artisans. For more information visit www.heartsandhandsforhaiti.org
Sustainable Income

By supporting Bon Beads, you are creating sustainable income for our artists in Haiti. They are able to be financially stable through their work creating art.

Benefit The Environment

Bon Beads are made from cereal boxes that would otherwise be thrown away. By purchasing Bon Beads, you are benefiting the environment and helping to reuse old materials.

Quality Products

Our bracelets and keychains are handcrafted using only the finest material. Don't let the cereal boxes fool you, our products are durable and will stand up to everyday use.

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